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The Academic Research Conference in its 5th year was renamed The Graduate Research and Policy Expo or GRaPE, and in year 6, the GRaPE was a great success. We had staff members from Richard Burr and Thom Tillis’ offices in attendance to learn about student research at UNC, thanks to the Science Policy Advocacy Group SPAG at UNC.

With over 30 students presenting 5-minute lightning talks or academic posters, students presented on a variety of topics. Whant to know more about tree rings and climate change? Maybe why beefsteak tomatoes are larger than cherry. Why do we study radioactive soil? What’s the difference between male and female hearts after a heart attack?We can study proteins inside living cells?! Why does GenX matter to North Carolineans? How do cells renew? All that and more.

Below are our presentation winners, who with thanks to the Chapel Hill chapter of Sigma Xi received travel awards to further their research endeavors.

(L-R: Natalie Nielsen, Madelyn Percy, Bevin Blake, Carlos Descovich not pictured)

What will GRaPE 2020 become? Hopefully bigger and better than ever!

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