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Did you know that the state of North Carolina allows any registered voter to vote absentee (also known as vote by mail)?

If you are planning to vote by mail this year, we recommend that you mail your absentee ballot request no later than Tuesday, October 13th to ensure adequate time for your request to be received by your county board of elections. You can learn more about how to vote by mail at the North Carolina State Board of Elections website. For your convenience, we have attached a printable absentee ballot request form to this email. Alternatively, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has an online absentee ballot request portal so you can request your absentee ballot completely online:

Once you have requested your absentee ballot, you can track its status, from printed to accepted, at

Whichever way you choose to vote this fall, you must be registered by October 9th if you plan to vote by mail or on Election Day in North Carolina. We urge you to make sure that your voice is heard this fall in all local, state, and federal elections.


Check your voter registration status using the voter search tool found at:


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