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The Graduate and Professional Student Federation is currently accepting applications for at-large members on the Future of the GPSF Committee. Convened once every five years, this Committee is responsible for assessing the current strengths and weaknesses of GPSF and charting the future trajectory of the organization. Specifically, the Committee’s charge is to:
  1. Produce a five-year strategic plan for GPSF​
  2. Outline long-term objectives of the organization​
  3. Plan projects that may take more than one year ​
  4. Consider major structural changes to GPSF​

The Committee consists of the President, the Executive Committee, 5 senators, and 5 at-large members. An at-large member can be any current graduate or professional student who does not currently hold another elected or appointed position within GPSF (excluding external appointments to university committees). No prior experience is required. The Committee will meet once per month from October 2020 to April 2021, and Committee members may be asked to complete some additional tasks outside of these meetings.

If you would like to be considered for the committee, please complete this application by Monday, October 26. If you have questions, contact President Ryan Collins.

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