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Together on the set of a TV talk show, CPA Artists-in-Residence David Neumann and Marcella Murray perform a masterfully layered staged conversation by mixing parts of Charlie Rose’s 2000 interview with Octavia Butler with excerpts of their own years-long dialogue about race, alongside astronomical questions of scale and time, to make an unforgettable piece of devised theater. On a spaceship. With dances.

“Structured as a TV talk show, this theater piece features their raw conversation onstage, augmented by live video and bursts of dancing. They tackle their topics from a variety of perspectives and experiences in an effort to demonstrate the kind of frank and fearless, yet compassionate, interpersonal discourse that seems to be so elusive these days.” — The New York Times

Friday 18 Nov and Saturday 19 Nov at 8pm at CURRENT ArtSpace, 123 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

$10 tickets for all UNC Grad Students, other discounts available!

Find more information here.

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