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Trans Talk Tuesday

December 6th, 5-6:00 pm

Trans Talk Tuesday is the LGBTQ Center’s peer support and discussion group, intended to provide community and connection among folks on the basis of gender identity. All students, staff, faculty, and community members who hold identities as transgender, genderqueer, or gender-questioning are welcome!

At this time, we are using a hybrid model for Trans Talk Tuesdays. On the first Tuesday of the month, the meeting will be held at the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, and the third Tuesday will take place online via Zoom.

Please note this is not an educational space where people are expected to explain their identities. Cisgender allies are welcome to contact the LGBTQ Center at (919) 843-5376 or email us at to talk with our staff about what educational resources are available to you.

To register Please contact Anole Halper at

Bridging The Q-GAPs: Creating Connections Across the Queer Graduate Experience 

December 8th, 5-7:15 pm 

LGBTQ Center (385 Manning Dr.)

Looking to build community with fellow queer grad & professional students?! Unlike undergrads, we’re often separated by academic departments — but our future friends, collaborators, and comrades are out there! Come as you are! Tell a friend! Join our GroupMe! 

Join us for our final QGAPS Social of the year: Queer Movie Night! Get cozy at the LGBTQ Center’s famous purple couch and enjoy pizza, popcorn, soda, laughs, tears, and community! 


Grad & professional students from all departments and non-student loved ones are welcome! 

Register Here! 

Safe Zone Trainings

December 16th (1-5:00 pm) 

The Safe Zone program is designed to create a network of visible allies to people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ campus community. This month, we will be offering the following training(s): 

Health Care Safe Zone on Friday, December 16th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Registration is due by December 14th. 

We are continuing to restructure and revitalize our Standard Safe Zone Curriculum for future trainings. Make sure to keep up with Safe Zone announcements and updates on the LGBTQ Center website! 

If you would like to contact us regarding a personalized Safe Zone presentation, you can fill out a new request form at the bottom of the Safe Zone Training page; however, we highly encourage applicants to review the training requirements before submitting their form.

Register Here


Queer Happenings at The Pinhook

117 W Main St., Durham, NC 27701

  • RENT DUE! Dance Party (December 3rd, 10pm)

THIS dance party is raising rent for QTBIPOC folks that need some support from this community! TICKETS AT THE DOOR! “Queer Agenda is a dance party for queer folks! Sliding scale $5-$20 so get here and share space! We love you. Lez stay safe and make it look hot.”


  • The House of Coxx Dragshow (December 10th, 9pm, hybrid)

Join the Pinhook community to celebrate our Durham-based “justice n consensual sensually minded drag family” at their monthly extravaganza. Vivica’s birthday is back and she’s ready to indulge and giggle the night away with her babies, Stormie Daie, Naomi Dix, And G-Clef. Stay for the Queer Agenda Dance Party afterwards! Ages 21+. TICKETS AT THE DOOR or ONLINE HERE! $15 in-person, $10 virtual! 

  • Queer Country Night (December 14th, 8pm, in-person)

“Get the hitch out of your giddyup and sashe on over to queer country night at The Pinhook from 8-12pm. The only constant will be country – and we’re tickled to have everything from line dancing to DJ’s to bands to just whiskey and music.”

RSVP here. 

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