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Check out upcoming Professional Development Workshops in January!

As part of the interview process for a faculty position, you may be asked to lead a teaching demonstration. In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss ways to approach your teaching demo with preparedness, confidence and adaptability.

This five-session short course from CIRTL explores and builds a foundation of skills and habits that will support a successful teaching career, such as developing or refining aspects of your teaching portfolio.

Join the Beyond the Professoriate team to learn how the Ph.D. Career Training platform can help you move forward in your academic or nonacademic job search.

In this interactive workshop, we will explore and practice strategies to help you highlight the broader impacts of your research, so you can confidently share a message that matters. Lunch provided.

This MOOC provides current and future STEM faculty members with effective teaching strategies and the evidence that supports these strategies. Offered through edX as an eight-week, asynchronous course.

Join the Beyond Grad School team to learn how to stand out in a crowded job market and translate your experience into terms that employers find compelling. Specially designed for master’s students.

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