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If your event occurs… Submit an application by… Final Approval by…
October 8 – November 11 September 25 October 4
 November 12 – December 9  October 24  November 8
 December 10 – January 20  November 14  December 6
 January 21 – February 10  January 9  January 17
 February 11 – March 9 January 16  February 7
 March 10 – April 6 February 13  March 6
 April 7 – May 6  March 26  April 3
 May 7 – October 7  1 month before event 2 weeks prior to event


GPSG offers financial support—known as “appropriations”—directly to student organizations representing graduate and professional students in order to fund initiatives like guest speakers, symposia, and student socials. The Senate awards appropriations on a monthly basis from October to April and on a first-come, first-serve basis during the summer months.
Consult the chart above to determine when you need to submit your application.


Please review the information below in detail prior to applying. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Senate Appropriations Chair.

Senate Appropriations Process


All requests for appropriations must meet the following criteria:

  • The event or initiative must be coordinated by at least one (1) Registered Student Organization (RSO). This means your organization has completed the registration process with the Carolina Union for the current academic year and at least two of your officers (usually the president and treasurer) have completed officer orientation. If you are unsure whether or not your organization is registered, contact the Office of Student Life and Leadership.
  • At least 51 percent of your organization’s membership must consist of graduate and/or professional students at UNC, or your event must primarily benefit graduate and professional students at UNC.
  • A current Senator must submit an email endorsing your application to the GPSG Appropriations Chair.
  • Your organization must have completed the post-funding requirements for any prior appropriations received from GPSG.
  • Your event or initiative must occur after the final funding decision is reached; retroactive funding requests will not be considered.

Funding Priorities

GPSG funds applications consistent with the following priorities:

  • Events or initiatives that involve or benefit a significant number of graduate and/or professional students. The broader the impact, the more likely the application is to be approved.
  • Events or initiatives that are or multidisciplinary or involve collaboration between multiple organizations and/or departments.
  • Events or initiatives that are vital to the organization’s mission and purpose.
  • Events or initiatives that have already received matching funding or in-kind donations.
  • Events or initiatives that are unique, as compared to other programming currently available.
  • Requests to fund travel expenses or honoraria for guest speakers.

Funding Restrictions

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The submission deadline is the deadline for ALL required materials, including the completed application, senator endorsement, and detailed budget.
  • GPSG cannot fund tangible benefits to third parties (see § 301(E) of the GPSG Treasury Laws). This includes direct monetary donations or the use of funds to purchase supplies, equipment, or gifts for charitable organizations or non-university affiliates benefiting from the university’s services. This is because GPSG is funded by student fees, and those fees must be used for the benefit of students. As an alternative to providing a direct donation, GPSG can fund programs designed to encourage students to donate toward the cause an organization applying for funding seeks to benefit. If you are uncertain whether or not your request would be considered a third-party benefit, please contact the Appropriations Chair.
  • Reimbursement rates for mileage (including car-sharing services) are governed by state law. You can view current rates on the UNC Finance website.
  • Printing expenses are capped at $0.05/page (8.5×11) for black and white copies. Color printing, brochures, and posters will be considered case-by-case. Printing expenses in excess of $100 must be accompanied by a quote from at least two (2) vendors.
  • Appropriations are funded by student fees and are subject to all university policies and state laws governing student fees. Therefore, GPSG cannot fund certain expenses—including, but not limited to, gift cards; alcohol, tobacco, or firearms; payment to an ex-employee; or tangible gains to individuals, organizations, or third parties.
  • All appropriations are subject to the GPSG Treasury Law (Title IX of the GPSG Code).


  • GPSG will consider applications for programs that feature a fundraising component, but we cannot fund tangible gains for individuals or third parties.
  • Funding for these programs will most likely take the form of a loan to host the program. The loan must be repaid to GPSG within three (3) months of the event. No interest will be charged, unless the sponsoring organization fails to repay in the designated time frame.
  • Prior to application, contact the GPSG VP for Finance for additional information.

Application Process

Application Process

  • Submit an application using the link below. You will need to provide detailed information regarding the program and upload an itemized budget using our Budget Template or other formal budget document.
  • The Senate Appropriations Chair will review the application to ensure initial eligibility. The Chair may reject incomplete applications or follow up to request additional information. Applications must be complete prior to the deadline or they will not be considered, even if an initial incomplete application was submitted in time.
  • The Chair will contact the organizational representative designated on the application regarding the details of the upcoming Senate Appropriations Committee meeting. A representative from the organization must attend the Committee meeting to discuss the application and funding request. If no representative attends, the application will be dismissed.
  • The Committee will meet at least 10 days prior to the full Senate meeting. Following the meeting, the Chair will contact the representative with the Committee’s recommendation and transmit that recommendation to the Senate.
  • The Senate will vote on the recommendation at its next meeting. The Senate reserves the right to approve, reject, or amend any proposal notwithstanding the recommendation of the committee. The Chair will contact the organizational representative regarding the Senate vote within one week. 
  • Organizations who receive appropriations must complete a post-funding report within two weeks of the event to remain in good standing with GPSG and be eligible for funding in the future (see Post-Funding Requirements section below).

Post-Funding Requirements and Payment of Funds

Post-Funding Requirements

  • All programs receiving GPSG funding are required to acknowledge GPSG in their advertising materials. This includes print advertising, social media posts, and any materials distributed at the event that include event sponsors or organizers. You will be required to upload a sample in the Post-Funding Report.
  • The organization is also required to submit a Post-Funding Report within two weeks of the program. The form may be accessed here.

Payment of Funds

  • Funds appropriated by GPSG will not be disbursed until after the event, unless an exception is granted by the Senate Appropriations Chair.
  • Funds can be disbursed in one of the following ways:
    • Reimbursement to Individual
    • Reimbursement to Student Organization External Bank Account
    • Direct Payment to Vendor
    • Internal Transfer to UNC Department (e.g., Carolina Union, Student Stores)
  • Receipts and/or invoices must be submitted using the Financial Document Submission Form on HeelLife (Log in with Onyen required for access). All receipts and/or invoices must:
    • Be itemized
    • Include the name of the vendor
    • Show proof of payment, such as the last for digits of a credit card (GPSG CANNOT reimburse cash payments)
    • Reflect the addition of any surcharges (such as a delivery tip)
  • The person submitting the above documentation may be contacted by a member of the Carolina Union office staff if additional information or corrections to the submission are necessary.
  • All requests for payment must be submitted within two weeks of the program.
  • Any questions regarding the reimbursement process can be directed to the GPSG VP for Finance.


Once you have reviewed the above information, click on the link below to submit your application. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Senate Appropriations Chair.