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The vast majority of graduate and professional students live off campus in areas in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or Durham. Contacting current students to find their favorite apartment complexes, neighborhood, or roommates can be helpful.

Before you move, don’t forget to buy broadband!

Many local apartment complexes are on the free bus lines (Chapel Hill Transit, CHT) in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. If at all possible, we highly recommend living near a free CHT bus line, because the Park and Ride lots include fees for commuters (see Transportation section). For students living further away from campus with access to Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) buses, see the Transportation section for more information regarding the GoPass through the Commuter Alternative Plan (CAP) program.

Start your search with UNC

For more information, visit:

call 919-962-5401 or email

Continue at off-campus sites

Utilities in The Triangle

Are WiFi, water, or electricity included in your rental agreement? If not make your first stops at

Storage Units

For students needing affordable storage spaces, check out Neighbor.

Resources and Guides to Housing and the Chapel Hill Community

For more information about housing and the community, visit these resource pages: