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UNC Graduate School: Offers many resources and activities, not just for professional development but also campus and community resources.

The Graduate School Handbook is also an important reference for graduate students.

Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE): an excellent resource for establishing a good foundation for teaching at the college level, offering many teaching seminars and a biannual Future Faculty Fellowship program.

Graduate School Professional Development Program: training on resume writing, interview skills, thesis formatting, finding funding sources, dissertation boot camps, etc.

University Career Services: offers workshops, networking nights, career panels and specific career advice for graduate students.

Training Initiative in Biomedical and Biological Sciences (TIBBS): offers career awareness workshops, career counseling, science outreach opportunities, graduate students skills workshops, socials, and other events.

The UNC Libraries Research Hub: provices spaces, technology, and expertise to assist with all phases of research. We have three locations on campus: inside the Davis Library, the Kenan Science Library, and the Health Sciences Library. Students can schedule consultations with various experts, attend workshops, use specialized software and hardware, and reserve different types of spaces for study and collaboration.