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  • Phone application for meditation and sleep. 


  • Phone application for meditation and sleep. 

Insight Timer 

  • Phone application for meditation and sleep. 

Liberate Guided Meditations 

  • Daily meditation application designed for and by BIPOC individuals. 


  • Phone application designed to reduce anxiety through skill-building and meditation. 

SOM Recurring Mindfulness Practices 

  • List of ongoing mental health events through the School of Medicine. 

Grounding Techniques 

  • List of grounding techniques designed by Dr. Lisa Najavits. 

MyLife (Stop, Breathe, Think) 

  • Application that provides individualized plans to increase mindfulness. 

My Possible Self 

  • Mobile application designed to increase mental health through CBT, mindfulness, and grounding techniques.

Sleep Cycle 

  • Mobile application to track and analyze sleep patterns to increase healthy sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation 

  • Online guided mindfulness meditation video. 

Relaxing Sounds of Nature 

  • Online video containing relaxing sounds of nature used for meditation and anxiety reduction.

Meditation Music 

  • Online video of meditation music. 

Relaxation Music 

  • Online video of relaxation music. 

American Counseling Association #MentalHealthMonth Relaxation Playlist 

  • Playlist on Spotify curated by the ACA to promote relaxation. 

Mindfulness Exercises PDF 

  • Instructions for four quick mindfulness exercises. 

28 Day Mindfulness Challenge 

  • Free online mindfulness course with instructions for completion. 

Free Mindfulness E-Books 

  • Free online book of mindfulness exercises. 

Dartmouth Mindfulness and Meditation Resource List 

  • Curated list from Dartmouth of mindfulness and meditations. 

Progressive muscle relaxation

  • A handout on the exercise can be found here.
  • If you would prefer to follow an audio, there are many versions online, to include this one.

Mindful Movement

Under 10 Minute Yoga Practices Video Playlist 

  • Video playlist with short yoga practices that can be completed in under 10 minutes. 

40-60 Minutes Full Yoga Practices Playlist 

  • Video playlist with full length yoga practices to choose from. 

Down Dog Mobile Application 

  • Mobile application with yoga pose instructions and yoga practice videos. 

Feel Better Yoga Videos 

  • Free online database of yoga videos. 

Under 10 Minute Yoga Practices Video Playlist 

  • Video playlist with short yoga practices that can be completed in under 10 minutes. 

Mindful Bodies Zumba/Yoga 

  • Information regarding upcoming Zumba/yoga events focused on multidimensional identities and minority mental health. 


Discover the Power of Self-Compassion Video Series 

  • Free video series aimed at fostering self-compassion in viewers. 

Self-Compassion Information 

  • General information about self-compassion and how it relates to mental health. 

Emotional Wellness Toolkit 

  • National Institute of Health strategies for improving mental health. 

Mind Tools 

  • Free stress management tools. 

Go Ask Alice! (Wellness Q&As) 

  • Website for wellness Q&As where users can explore asked questions or ask their own questions.

Self-Care Programs and Tools 

  • UNC general information about the importance of self-care and ways to practice it. 

UNC Active Minds Organization 

  • Non-profit organization that supports mental health awareness and education amongyoung adults.

SAMHSA Step by Step Guide to Wellness 

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration online guide to creating a healthier life.

The Mental Health Today Podcast 

  • Online podcast designed to share unique and relevant topics occurring within our world and communities, and bring them a behavioral and mental health perspective.

Saavy Psychologist Tips for Better Mental Health Podcast 

  • Podcast led by psychologist Dr. Jade Wu that explains the ‘why’ behind emotions like joy, anger, fear, trust, and anxiety, and helps build understanding of relationships.

The One You Feed Podcast 

  • Podcasts with guest experts that discuss how listeners can live a better life. 

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast 

  • Podcast dedicated to discussion about mental health, anxiety, depression, etc. without psychobabble.

The Happiness Lab Podcast 

Understanding the Relationship Between Male Body Image and Mental Health