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About the GPSG President

Message from the GPSG President:

Graduate and professional students are not only students; we are researchers, teachers, and project organizers. We are daughters, sons, parents, and caregivers. I look forward to advocating for the whole person of the graduate and professional student at UNC Chapel Hill. I have been involved in advocacy efforts for most of my life, whether that be student council, the Midwest athletic trainers’ association student senate, or the state athletic training governmental affairs committees in Virginia and Wisconsin. I served as a GPSG Senator in 2021-22 and as Director of Employment Affairs under the Nollert Administration in 2022-23.

I am passionate about being involved and forwarding causes I care about. It was my desire to advocate for graduate and professional student well-being that was the driving force behind my decision to pursue the role of President of the Graduate and Professional Student Government. I can’t wait to listen, collaborate, and advocate across campus, ensuring graduate and professional students feel their voices are being heard. I look forward to working for, and representing, you over the next year.



A holistic approach to graduate and professional student well-being

  1. Housing and Food Security
    1. Exploration of ways to offer more affordable housing to graduate students both on and off campus
    2. Expansion of support and offerings to those who worry where their next meal will come from
  2. Financial Well-being
    1. Investigation of options to increase stipends at regular intervals
  3. Graduate and Professional Student Safety and Support
    1. Accessibility of campus for all
    2. Protected time off, reasonable work hours
    3. Clear reporting mechanisms for violations of rights
  4. Graduate and Professional Student Career Preparation
    1. Support of academic and non-academic career path pursuit
    2. Articulation of value of advanced degree from UNC-Chapel Hill