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From the GPSG President —


      I am a fourth-year PhD student in the English and Comparative Literature Department. My research focuses on the connection between literary genres (like poetry and drama) and political movements (like republicanism) in the British Isles between 1550 and 1700. After serving as the President of CoLEAGS, the Comparative Literature and English Graduate Student organization, from 2020-2021, I joined the GPSG Cabinet under the Swamy Administration to serve as Director of Employment Affairs from 2021-2022.

      I believe in setting ambitious goals that can be pursued with a pragmatic mindset; in that respect, I hope that you will find my platform and goals realistic, plausible, and well-researched. The purpose of student government, in my view, is to equip individuals to come together and have a say in the management of their affairs. Informed community involvement is the bedrock of democracy, and I encourage you to take every opportunity to connect to your peers so that we can together exert power over the course of events.

Please follow the link to learn more about our goals for this year.

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