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The Cabinet is a part of the GPSG Executive Branch that enables exceptionally motivated graduate and professional students to serve as chairs or co-chairs of particular areas of campus and community life that require our participation in policy-making and programming. The Cabinet, alongside The Executive Board, design, implement, and engage new initiatives in collaboration with the graduate and professional student community. All students and members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Cabinet Members

Director of Academic Affairs (DAA)    Dailihana Alfonseca
The Director of Academic Affairs shall advise the Executive Board on issues related to University academic policies, graduate and professional degree requirements, and educational resources.


Dailihana Alfonseca is a second-year master’s Student within the Health Humanities Lab of the English and Comparative Literature Department. After years in the military, public health, fashion, and the corporate (private and public) sector she began to write and is now a Creative Writer who emphasizes Assimilative Trauma as the catalyst for mental health deterioration in Immigrant communities. She recently won an Emerging Writers award for PEN America and will be pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing after UNC. Her primary concern is always creating a voice for under-privilege(d) students of different educational backgrounds.

A native and natural nomad, Dailihana has lived in several countries and states and enjoys hiking with her daughters, dogs, and partner. When she is not in heated discussions about accessibility and knowledge gaps, she turns her brain off by reading and watching historical period dramas which she would never time travel to.

Director of Health and Wellness (DHW)     Jake Diana
The Director of Health and Wellness shall advise the Executive Board on issues related to personal health and wellbeing of graduate and professional students and their dependents.


Jake (he/him) is a second-year PhD student in the Human Movement Science Curriculum in the School of Medicine. He was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware where he first received a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware. He then moved to Chapel Hill to pursue and eventually receive a M.A. in Exercise and Sport Science at UNC. His current research involves the study on the acute and long-term cardiovascular disruptions due to sedentary behaviors. Jake is also proud to provide research mentorship to LGBTQ+ students in his department and research physical activity disparities experienced by the queer community.

His priorities as DHW involve continued advocacy for mental health resources for the graduate student body and deeper interdisciplinary collaboration with all aspects of the University’s Campus Health system. Jake believes securing our health is the first step in a fulfilling career as Carolina graduate students and looks forward to the people and opportunities that come from serving in the GPSG.

Jake’s an avid birdwatcher, supports his Liverpool FC, enjoys seeing operas, and closely tracks his lifting progress.

Director of Employment Affairs (DEA)     Joseph Moscoso
The Director of Employment Affairs shall advise the Executive Board on issues related to graduate and professional student employment as Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and other university positions.


Director of Employment Affairs Jo Moscoso is a 4th Year in the Physics & Astronomy department, with research in computational and theoretical methods in nuclear and particle physics. His research interests include the origin of mass generation and explaining the observed nuclear spectrum within the context of few- and many-body systems. He was raised in NYC, Massachusetts, and Florida, graduating from the departments of Physics and Mathematics in 2020 at Florida International University (UNC). He is a McNair Scholar and served as the president of the society of physics students chapter, with his chapter being awarded an Outstanding Chapter Award by the SPS National Council.

At UNC, he has worked on increasing student engagement and professional development opportunities. He is a founder of the American Physical Society (APS) Chapter at UNC, focusing on providing networking and career planning opportunities for students. He is interested in topics including student safety and support and increasing awareness of services offered by HR and the Graduate School, especially regarding student aid services and mental wellness initiatives.

Director of Local Relations (DLR)     Michael Beauregard

The Director of Local Relations shall advise the Executive Board on issues affecting graduate and professional students and oversee initiatives and advocacy efforts within Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Orange County, and Durham County.


Director of Local Relations Michael Beauregard is enrolled in the Public Administration and the City and Regional Planning masters programs, and prior to entering the Graduate School, Michael earned his Bachelors in political science and urban studies here at UNC. After he finishes school, Michael would like to work in community development and urban housing advocacy. As Director of Local Relations, Michael plans to emphasize student involvement in local government through increased voter registration and turnout efforts among graduate students. Outside of his coursework and work with the GPSG, Michael enjoys reading, riding his bike, and visiting different towns and cities across North Carolina.

Director of State and Federal Relations (DSFR)     Lily Gullion

The Director of State and Federal Relations shall advise the Executive Board on issues related to state and federal laws, regulations, and policies affecting graduate and professional education at UNC Chapel Hill.


Lily Gullion is a third year PhD student in Occupational Science. She has professional experience as a pediatric occupational therapist working in hospitals and school systems. In this role, she developed a passion for advocacy and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. As a PhD student, she is interested in supporting UNC’s relationships with local and federal organizations. Lily is excited to serve on the GPSG’s cabinet this year.

Director of Advocacy (DA)     Elaine Reiche
The Director of Advocacy shall advise the Executive Board on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and advocacy on behalf of currently and historically marginalized student populations.


Elaine (she/her) is originally from San Marcos, Texas, but she has lived in several states since 2016, including Alabama, Tennessee, Colorado, Michigan, and currently North Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science, specializing in Exercise Physiology. Elaine is currently a third-year PhD student in the Human Movement Science Curriculum at the School of Medicine. Her research focuses on studying the psychological and physical effects of traumatic knee injuries.

Before pursuing her graduate studies, Elaine worked in occupational health and with national team sports organizations. She is actively involved in mentoring students and also serves on department and national association committees. These committees aim to enhance the graduate student experience and share research findings with healthcare professionals, respectively.

During her free time, Elaine enjoys traveling, kayaking, and spending quality time with her fiancée, Kristin, and their three pets: Nala (cat), Fish (cat), and Jack (dog).

Director of Community Engagement (DCE)     Alex Ladan
The Director of Community Engagement shall advise the Executive Board on and organize and oversee the public service initiatives of GPSG. 


Alex is a second-year master’s student in Exercise Physiology in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. Her research interests include female physiology and exercise performance specifically as they related to women’s overall health and athletics. Alex was born and raised in Chicago, IL where she spent numerous hours training as a rhythmic gymnast for Team USA. After retiring from sport, she pursued a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before moving out to Carolina to tackle her master’s degree. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Alex enjoys staying active (yoga, swimming, hiking, & running), spending time with her puppy, and trying new food & coffee spots in the Triangle area. Her goals for this year as the Director of Community Engagement are to encourage cross cohort collaboration, keep students engaged throughout the semester, and increase the reach for information about campus events to reach all students across campus. 

Director of Environmental Affairs (DEA)    Jasmine Davidson
The Director of Environmental Affairs shall advise the Executive Board on issues affecting graduate and professional students and oversee initiatives and advocacy efforts in the areas of sustainability and environmental consciousness.


Jasmine is a 2nd year master’s student in city and regional planning. She holds a B.A. in Economics from Macalester College in St. Paul, MN. She is passionate about planning for the impacts of climate change in our communities, particularly flood resilience and heat. In her role as Director of Environmental Affairs, she hopes to help the university make progress on sustainability projects large and small. Outside of school, Jasmine enjoys cooking, hiking, and caring for her cat, Pepper.

Director of Data Collection and Assessment (DDCA)     Claire Klein
The Director of Data Collection and Assessment shall assist in designing robust and statistically sound survey tools for collecting quantitative and qualitative input from graduate and professional students.


Claire is a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience in the Clinical Psychology program. Claire is a graduate student at UNC TEACCH autism program, where she studies autism spectrum disorder across the lifespan. Originally from San Diego, she graduated from Claremont McKenna College in 2018 with a B.A. in Psychology and a Leadership Studies Sequence. Claire is excited to apply her training in psychological science and data analysis in her role as Director of Assessment. Outside of research and clinical training, Claire enjoys spending time with her dog, Skipper, baking, and going to breweries. Claire has previously served as a GPSG Senator for Psychology and Neuroscience (2021-2022).

Director of Communications (DC)  Sam Ardery

The Director of Communications shall assist the Vice President for Communications with the communication and public relations activities for GPSG, including maintaining social media platforms and publishing the bi-monthly GPSG Newsletter.


Sam is a 2nd year graduate student in the Genetics and Molecular Biology PhD program in the School of Medicine. She grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and received her BA in Biology and Computer Science from Carthage College. She is working in the field of mouse genetics to improve upon the baseline genomic references utilized in mouse research. Outside of research, Sam enjoys crafting, reading, and playing volleyball.

Minutes and Documents

All minutes can be found at the GPSG archives.