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The Senate is GPSG’s legislative body and is overseen by the Senior Vice President of GPSG. This forum seeks to discuss and reach consensus about graduate/professional student issues, and also to award funds for events and travel. Consistent Senate attendance enables each department/program to receive an end-of-year monetary allocation for its own social events.

All students and members of the public are invited to attend the monthly meetings. Email Katie Heath, the 2023-2024 Senior VP, with any questions or concerns.

Meeting Times (unless otherwise indicated)
Date: 1st Tuesday of every month, September through April (in January and April, the meeting is on the 2nd Tuesday).
Time: 5:30pm
Location: Kerr 2001

Senate Committees

All legislation, minutes, and archival information can be found at the GPSG archives


If you have any questions, email the Appropriations Committee.

Name Department Email
Reilly Stahl (Chair) Public Administration
Samantha Beck Biological & Biomedical Sciences
Kaitlin Yonge Pharmacy (PharmD)
Matthew D’Onofrio Pharmacy (PharmD)
Rob Jarrell (Vice Chair) Law (JD)

Rules and Judiciary

If you have any questions, email the R&J Committee.

Name Department Email
Kendall Winter Musicology
Margaret Hoch Biostatistics
Nikolas Morrison Toxicology (PhD)
Ben King Public Administration
Josh Clemson Public Policy

Travel Awards

If you have any questions, email the Travel Awards Committee.

Name Department Email
Nicholas Moloci Health Policy & Management
Alice Woolard Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Vinod Kumar Biomedical & Health Informatics (MPS)
Victor Knight Religious Studies
Wei Quan Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literature

State of Graduate and Professional Student (SoGAPS)

If you have any questions, email the SoGAPS Committee.

Name Department Email
Duncan Maclean Physics & Astronomy
Hashem Amireh Economics
David Bodden Environmental Science & Engineering (Gillings)
Nyssa Tucker Toxicology (PhD)
Noor Singh Genetics & Molecular Biology


If you have any questions, email the Finance Committee.

Name Department Email
Joshua Bakita Computer Science
Isaac Weiss Mathematics
Joel Begay Epidemiology
Kalysta Strauss Law
Winston Ardoin Political Science

Oversight and Accountability

If you have any questions, email the O&A Committee.

Name Department Email
Ziyi Cai (Chair) Business Administration (MBA)
Elexsys Junious Occupational Therapy
William Boyer Information and Library Sciences
Jasmin Balcazar-Romero Advanced Dental Education

President Pro Tempore – Lauren Rackley

Duties of the President Pro Tempore:

  1. The President Pro Tempore shall serve on the Hearing Committee.
  2. The President Pro Tempore shall also serve as an Ex Officio member of the following committees:
    1. The Student Advisory Committee to the Chancellor;
    2. The Student Fee Audit Committee;
    3. The GPSG Oversight and Advocacy Committee; and
    4. The Future of the GPSG Committee
  3. The President Pro Tempore shall be the presiding member of the Senate when the Senior Vice President is absent, or when the Senior Vice President designates the President Pro Tempore to be the presiding member.
  4. The President Pro Tempore shall keep a list of speakers during Senate meetings to facilitate the recognition of said speakers.

Chair of Summer Governance – Alice Woolard

Duties of the Chair of Summer Governance:

  1. The Chair of Summer Governance shall convene the summer sessions.
  2. The Chair of Summer Governance shall act as the tie-breaking vote.

Senate Minutes and Documents

Senate Meetings and Passed Legislation can be found in our GPSG Archives under the Legislative Branch. All archives folders are public.