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At the conclusion of each academic year, GPSF awards block grants to each representative unit whose senators have successfully fulfilled the requirements for participation in the Senate. The size of the allocation varies between units based on their enrollment, with a bonus awarded to those units whose senators serve on a Senate Committee.

These guidelines are established in accordance with Title IX, Article III of the GPSF Code. Any additional questions should be addressed to the GPSG VP for Finance.

Unit Allocations Process


The Comptroller will notify each unit’s senator(s) of their eligibility for and the amount of the unit’s allocation following the April Senate Meeting. Senators must then complete an application (which the Comptroller will share at that time) that indicates how the funds will be used. This is to ensure compliance with the allocation restrictions outlined below. Once the proposed use is approved, the unit is free to expend its funds. All funds must be used by the deadline established by the Comptroller (usually mid-May). As such, units that anticipate being eligible for funds should consider a plan for use of the funds prior to receiving notice from the Comptroller.


To be eligible for unit allocations in April, the unit must meet the following requirements:

  • The unit must have at least one senator who is in good standing.
  • The unit’s senator(s) must have attended at least six (6) of the Senate Meetings during the current fiscal year (notwithstanding an exception granted by Title IX, § 320(B) of the Code).
  • The unit must have held at least one public Town Hall meeting during the current academic year pursuant to Title III, § 112(E) of the Code). The Town Hall must occur prior to the April Senate Meeting.

Allocation Formula

The amount of each unit’s allocation will be calculated based on the total the allocation budget and the number of participation points earned by the unit.

Participation Points

  • One (1) point will be earned per full time fee-paying graduate or professional student in the unit, if the unit has a senator in good standing and has attended at least six (6) Senate meetings in the current Fiscal Year. A minimum of 25 points will be given to units with fewer than 25 full time fee-paying graduate and professional students.
  • An additional half a point (1/2) point will be earned per full time fee-paying graduate or professional student in the unit, if the unit has a senator in good standing who sits on a Senate committee and has attended at least 80% of the committee meetings prior to the sixth Senate meeting. A maximum of 200 points may be earned by units with more than 400 full time fee-paying graduate and professional students.

Restrictions on Use

Consistent with the Code, university policy, and state law, unit allocations cannot be used for any of the following:

  • Any use that discriminates on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.
  • Payment to an ex-employee.
  • A benefit primarily received in a different fiscal year.
  • A tangible gain for any member of the organization.
  • A tangible gain for any third-party organization.
  • The purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms.

Furthermore, as noted above, the unit must obtain final approval for their planned use of the funds from the Comptroller.

Receipt of Funds

Units will receive their funds on a reimbursement basis. This means the unit’s representatives must spend the money and request reimbursement either to an individual or to an external bank account maintained by a registered student organization (RSO) affiliated with the department. GPSF can NOT simply transfer the funds to the organization’s account as a lump sum.

If an individual seeks reimbursement, he or she will submit receipts for the purchase through the CUSO Financial Document Submission Form.

If an RSO seeks reimbursement (meaning the purchase was made using a debit or credit card associated with the organization’s external bank account), the organization must first complete the New Vendor Creation Packet and submit this documentation along with receipts through the CUSO Financial Document Submission Form.

Alternatively, a unit may elect to have its fund transferred to a sponsoring academic department for use at a later date. Units should exercise caution with this option, since once the money is transferred, GPSF no longer has control over its use. In addition, the receiving department may have rules or restrictions on the use of funds that differ from those of GPSF. If a unit is interested in this option, its senator(s) should contact the Comptroller.