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Carolina Student Parents Association (SPA): Provides resources, support, avenues for advocacy, and social networking opportunities to pregnant and parenting UNC students, postdoctoral fellows and medical residents. Visit the Facebook page for information. Note: this group is different from the Carolina Parents Association, which is for parents of current Carolina students.

The UNC-Chapel Hill Child Care Scholarship Program offers child care scholarships are available through Child Care Services Association  (CCSA) for full-time UNC students who meet the following maximum annual income guidelines:

    • Children must be under 12 years old.
    • All scholarships must be used in 4- or 5-star licensed child care facilities.
    • Scholarships cover a portion of child care costs, and parents must pay a portion based on a percentage of their income.
    • Student scholarships are awarded for a single school term with the opportunity to renew based on continued eligibility and funding.
    • Income eligibility is based on income from all sources, including student aid (with a deduction for the cost of tuition).

Qualifying students interested in a UNC-sponsored child care scholarship should call Child Care Services Association at (919) 403-6950, ask to speak with a Family Support Counselor, and identify that they would like to be placed on the scholarship waiting list. Students will need to acknowledge their student affiliation with the Chapel Hill campus of UNC and be prepared with complete contact information as well as an estimate of annual income as described above.

Lactation Rooms are available across the UNC Campus and Chapel Hill. These locations are subject to accessibility restrictions. Restrictions (time of day, etc…) can be found here. Locations can be found in the map below: